Planning a trip to see the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West?

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My name is Marty, and I live in Las Vegas with my wife Lisa. As a tour guide, I’ve been taking guests to the Grand Canyon for over a decade.

I’ve seen the Grand Canyon from a hundred viewpoints from end to end, on horseback, hiking, and helicopters… from airplanes and boats.

Two of my favorite viewpoints are at Grand Canyon West; one is at Eagle Point (where the Skywalk is) and the other is at Guano Point just past the Guano Cafe.

Lisa has been helping people with travel reservations for over 30 years, and for the last couple of years she was operations and reservations manager of a medium-sized tour company.

We have done a bit of the research for you regarding different tours, including helicopter tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West.

We know this part of the Las Vegas-to-Grand Canyon tour industry very well.

We’ll make a few recommendations for tours we really like. We only recommend those companies with experienced and trained guides, clean and safe equipment, with a proven record of reliability.

We understand that your visit to Grand Canyon is a trip of a lifetime, and we don’t want anyone left standing at the curb, regardless of whether you have trip insurance.

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