Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour / Black Canyon River Rafting Combination

When you book your Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour and River Rafting Combination, you will be getting the very best of the American Southwest.

  • Fly on a Helicopter Tour from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon
  • Land above the Colorado River, near the bottom of Grand Canyon West for snacks and champagne
  • Fly to the airport at boulder city, Nevada; Drive to the Bottom of Hoover Dam
  • Float the Colorado River 12 miles, from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach, Arizona!

A truly amazing way to experience the Grand Canyon is to fly through it and then land there, and then add the bonus of floating down the Colorado River through rugged Black Canyon.

On this tour, a helicopter flies you through the Grand Canyon and lands far below the rim on a shelf 400 feet above the Colorado River. You can enjoy the quiet and solitude of the Grand Canyon as the Colorado River flows below. A champagne toast, soda, bottled water and light snacks will be available for you there.

Following the helicopter tour through the Grand Canyon, you will land at the Boulder City Airport and meet up with the rafting crew. You’ll board the Black Canyon River Raft shuttle for the short trip to the boat launch at the base of Hoover Dam.

The narrow, winding road that takes you deep into Black Canyon, down to the Colorado River below Hoover Dam is the same road used by the workers when Hoover Dam was built in the 30’s. This is how they got to to their jobs, blasting out the diversion tunnels and preparing the foundation of the dam.

– This road is now closed to the public. Black Canyon River Rafters has permission to use this historic road to get you to your raft.

The pontoon boat is motorized, and you will be floating (and motoring) down the Colorado River, downstream of the Hoover Dam for 12 miles to Willow Beach, Arizona.

The boat ride down Black Canyon is narrated by your guide, and the tour includes several stops along the river and lunch is served along the way. The rafting crew will transport you to your hotel at the conclusion of the tour.

The Colorado River at this point is the border between two states – Nevada and Arizona – and you will board the pontoon boat in Nevada just below Hoover Dam. Your guide will share some history and stories about Hoover Dam, and then you will motor downstream through the crystal-clear, emerald-green water.

Because the Colorado River is the primary source of water in the Southwest, there is a very good possibility that you will see some of the animals that come down to the water’s edge every day. Your guide will be watchful for wildlife, and you may have some remarkable photos of animals that live here.

The scenery of the Grand Canyon is inspirational beyond words. You will feel as if you are connected with time itself, that you are now part of whatever it took to form the Grand Canyon, and Black Canyon as well, as your raft carries you down the Colorado River towards Mexico.

What Should I Wear on My Grand Canyon Rafting Trip?

What Should I Wear on My Grand Canyon Rafting Trip?

Below is a list of suggested items to wear or bring with you on your river rafting trip with Maverick Helicopters®.

  • Keep in mind that the water temperature averages 50°F.
  • Check the weather at the Grand Canyon before your trip since it varies throughout the year.
  • Remember that the temperature at the West Rim is approximately 5-10°F cooler than in Las Vegas.
  • Quick-Drying Shorts. Nylon is the preferred fabric for shorts or pants. Jeans are not recommended since they can weigh you down and dry slowly. The key is to wear fabric that will dry quickly.
  • Cotton T-shirt. A T-shirt is lightweight so it will help you stay cool and keep the sun from burning you. Avoid heavier fabrics or shirts with long sleeves that will make it difficult to swim.
  • Hat with a Brim. It can be a baseball cap, bucket hat or a sun hat with a wide brim. Just make sure that it provides your face with some shade from the sun.
  • Tennis Shoes. Select a pair of old athletic shoes with laces or Velcro closure. Be sure that they fit securely and won’t slip off. Do not wear flip-flops or boots.
  • Cheap Sunglasses. Leave your designer frames at home so they don’t get damaged during the trip. We also suggest having a retention strap on your sunglasses so you don’t lose them.
  • Sunscreen. No matter what the time of day or type of weather, we always recommend using sunscreen with an SPF 30+ to protect your skin.
  • Swimsuit. Many people find it easier to wear a swimsuit as their undergarments in case they get wet or want to take a dip in the cool water.

Fly to the Grand Canyon on a helicopter ride, then float down the Colorado River. Book Online for Best Prices – Reserve Your Tour Today!

Sample Tour Itinerary from Maverick Helicopter Tours:

(All times are approximate and are based on a number of factors, including hotel, number of pick-ups, and traffic.)

6:00 am – Pick-up from hotel
6:30 am – Check-in at Las Vegas Strip terminal
7:00 am – Helicopter departure from Las Vegas
7:45 am – Land near Colorado River, near bottom of Grand Canyon West; enjoy champagne, soda, bottled water, light snacks
8:20 am – Helicopter Departs Grand Canyon West
9:00 am – Arrive at Boulder City Airport; transfer to Black Canyon River Rafting shuttle
9:20 am – Briefing and transfer by shuttle to base of Hoover Dam
10:00 am – Board boat; see Hoover Dam from river level
12:15 pm – Lunch served by Black Canyon River Rafting
2:45 pm – Arrive at Willow Beach for restroom break and stretch
3:00 pm – Depart for Las Vegas on coach or shuttle
4:15 pm – Arrive at hotel

Duration: approximately 9.5 hours (hotel to hotel).
Departure Point: Las Vegas terminal (includes complimentary transportation to and from hotels within five miles of the Strip).
Items To Bring: Camera, sunscreen, photo ID (for anyone 18 yrs or older) and if you should forget anything visit our gift shop.
Lunch Information: Lunch comes in an insulated, souvenir cooler. Regular lunch is a turkey wrap (turkey wrapped in a spinach herb tortilla with pesto sauce), fruit, cookies, Sun chips and bottled water. Vegetarian lunch option is southwestern style veggie wrap. Select your option at time of booking.

  • Fly on a Helicopter Tour to the Grand Canyon
  • Land near the bottom for snacks
  • Fly to Boulder City, Drive to the Bottom of Hoover Dam
  • Float 12 miles down the Colorado River from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach

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