Grand Canyon Skywalk: Small Group Tours from Las Vegas

Families and friends traveling together often want a tour with fewer people, and many times they want a tour just for themselves.

A smaller group tour allows better opportunity for each person to interact with the tour guide at a higher level, and eliminates the wait for the last few travelers getting back to the bus.

You can imagine, a small group tour gives you almost everything you don’t get on a big-bus tour.

We’ll show you two of our favorite Las Vegas tour companies who give excellent service to people who prefer smaller group tours.

  • Both companies have experienced, well-trained guides who are passionate about their tours.
  • Both companies have comfortable, well-maintained vehicles that are kept in top condition.
  • Both companies have set high standards in all areas of customer service.

These are the two companies that set the standards for tours from Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Skywalk: Big Horn Wild West Hummer Tours, and Pink Jeep Tours.

In fact, we feel strongly about this, and invite you to ask us why.

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