Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Papillon Helicopter ToursA helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon can add be the unforgettable highlight of your holiday. Flying over – and through – the Grand Canyon gives you a perspective not found on the ground.

Airplanes are allowed to fly over the Grand Canyon; only helicopters are allowed to fly through it. Helicopters have that unique advantage of being able to land almost anywhere.

Some of the helicopter tours we recommend (Top 5 Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours) land on a shelf almost 4,000 feet below the rim, 300 feet above the Colorado River.

The views are simply stunning, and this is the only place in the entire Grand Canyon where landings of this type are allowed.

Helicopters hold fewer people than airplanes flying over the canyon so if you are looking for a smaller group experience, this may be the way to go.

About Discounted Helicopter Tours

Please keep this travel tip in mind as you compare prices between the different Grand Canyon helicopter tours:

Don’t be fooled by a tour that appears to have a lower ‘up-front’ or ‘internet savings’ price – there are often hidden fees, located in the small print, such as a $40 fuel surcharge and $20 processing fee to be paid at the terminal when you check in. Or the flight may be only available one day each week, usually Sunday Morning at 7am.

  • The Federal Aviation Agency has strict rules regarding airplanes and helicopters, so grand canyon helicopter tours share similar characteristics.
  • Tour helicopters generally require similar amounts of fuel per hour, rules and costs regarding maintenance are the same, etc.
  • The real costs of operating a helicopter tour are similar between companies, and true discounts on helicopter tours are rare.

You may find as you compare and review the available tours, the one you choose may come down to whether the tour is available on the day you want it.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours are very popular and often sell out 3 or 4 weeks in advance.

Our best advice?

  • Look for small print that may hide fuel surcharges and processing fees before you book your ‘discount’ tour.
  • Book early to ensure you can get seats for the time and date that fits your holiday schedule, as well as the best rate.
  • Confirm your booking at least once if not twice depending upon how far in advance you schedule it.
  • Confirm again a day or two before to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Grand Canyon helicopter companies deal with thousands of tourists a year, and you don’t want to be lost in the shuffle. Your attention to these details can help ensure your helicopter tour adds everything it can to your Las Vegas holiday.

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