For a Day Trip to Skywalk / Grand Canyon West:

Food is available at every viewpoint at Grand Canyon West:

  • Eagle Point / Skywalk Area – Outside Dining Only
  • Guano Point – Outside Dining Only
  • Terminal – Deli in Building 3 – Inside / Outside Dining
  • Hualapai Ranch – Inside / Outside Dining

For Overnight Visitors to Skywalk / Grand Canyon West:

Food is available at the Dance Hall at the Hualapai Ranch. Breakfast is provided, and your entry fee is valid for the day you arrive and the day after.

The only lodging available on site at Grand Canyon West right now are the cabins at the Hualapai Ranch. Construction on the hotel at Skywalk has not yet begin.

There are 26 cute little cabins on the edge of Hualapai Ranch, and the Dance Hall is right next door. These images from the current brochure give you an idea of what to expect, and show you current prices as well.

Reservations are critical, because quite often, all the cabins are booked in advance by a single bus company bringing Asian visitors to Skywalk from Los Angeles; they spend one night here as part of their multi-day tour through the Southwest.

Regarding Transportation from Las Vegas for an Overnight Stay at Grand Canyon West:

Detours of Nevada is the only tour company in Las Vegas we know of that will take you from Las Vegas, drop you off at Grand Canyon West, and pick you up for return to Las Vegas the next day; lodging must be confirmed in advance, and Detours will help you with transportation arrangements. Call us and we will help you put it together with Detours.

A visit to Grand Canyon West is really set up as a day trip,

But there are some amazing things about spending the night here that are completely, distinctly, and absolutely different from your daily life.

The solitude of the desert at night, the intense quiet, the evening breeze filled with aromas of desert plants, the black sky at night filled with stars is amazing. And trust me… there is nothing here to distract you… nothing to do but sit, walk, listen, feel, look, and be part of your surroundings.

You will see the glow of Las Vegas lights in the distance, but a night here in the high desert beside the Grand Canyon is the exact opposite of Las Vegas.

What We Recommend:

Having said that, we recommend you rent or hire a car and drive yourself to Grand Canyon West for this adventure – it will be far less expensive, and you will have additional freedom regarding the time you leave for your return to Las Vegas. In fact you can move on to another destination such as Phoenix, Los Angeles, or San Francisco from here.

Famous ‘Route 66’ is nearby, and we suggest that if you want to have an overnight adventure, there are some truly fascinating places to visit around Kingman, Arizona, that would absolutely delight you, such as Seligman, Hackberry, and Oatman, Arizona. If you stayed at Kingman, AZ, instead of the GCWest, you could visit all of these places and be back in Las Vegas before sundown.