I am surprised how often this question comes up, and it is really not an easy answer.

Some folks search for this information, and get the address of the Grand Canyon West offices at Peach Springs, Arizona. Following the map or the GPS coordinates will take you to the Hualapai Village at Peach Springs, which is 2 hours away from the Grand Canyon.

The National Park Services advise that you should not rely upon GPS when you are going through the desert, even when you are traveling from one major city to another.

Sometimes the GPS will send you down a paved road that turns into gravel and dirt; and if the Park Rangers don’t know you were headed there, they don’t know where to look for you if you are lost.

Things happen out in the desert. People don’t prepare, they start the journey without enough fuel, and they often don’t take food or water with them.

So don’t trust an address to get you to the Grand Canyon.
Get a simple road map and follow it.

Here is a short answer. Easy Directions that will get you from Las Vegas to Skywalk at Grand Canyon West:

  • Leave Las Vegas and head South on highway 93 toward Hoover Dam.
  • Cross the new bridge over the Colorado River at Hoover Dam, and stay on Hwy 93 until you reach Arizona mile marker 42;
  • Turn left on Pierce Ferry Road, and travel 23 miles or so; turn right on Diamond Bar Road.
  • About 4 miles down Diamond Bar you will be on a dirt road, and you’ll see lots of road-building equipment.
  • Stay on the road, don’t worry about the construction, and you’ll arrive at Grand Canyon West about 30 minutes later.