• From Las Vegas, get on one of the freeways headed south toward Arizona. The highway numbers you are looking for as you leave the Las Vegas Strip are the state highways 93 or 95 South, or the I-215 South. If you ask for directions, ask ‘How do I get to Hoover Dam’.
  • You will see Lake Mead in front of you as you leave Boulder City. As you approach the Hoover Dam Exit #2, you will see Hacienda Hotel and Casino on the left, and the exit to Hoover Dam on the right.
  • The main highway continues into Arizona over the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge; you’ll see a ‘Welcome to Arizona’ sign on the right.
  • At about mile marker 40 begin to look for a billboard in the distance, on the left.
  • At mile marker 42 you will see a green building on the right – the Arizona Trading Post – you will turn left on the road just past the green building. (Arizona Trading Post – Nice place, nice people – snacks, coffee, and restrooms are available here.)
  • Turn left from highway 93, watch for the traffic, you will now be heading east on Pierce Ferry Road. You will cross a steel grate in the road, a cattle guard, and you will be driving toward Dolan Springs, about 5 miles ahead.
  • Continue on Pierce Ferry Road. You will eventually drive past the last house and you’ll see nothing but desert. You will pass an elevated water tank beside a small utility building on the right, and you will pass a paved road connecting there on the right, called Stockton Hill Road.
  • Continue on Pierce Ferry Road past these landmarks, until you get to Diamond Bar Road. There will be a sign there pointing to Grand Canyon West; turn right on Diamond Bar Road and continue to Grand Canyon West.

Dolan Springs is a speed trap, so pay close attention to the speed signs from here until get to Grand Canyon West.

There is new road construction going on right now, and you will have no problem going through; I have seen a Ferrari go down this road.