The shuttle bus system operates in a simple circle.

Guests at Grand Canyon West board the buses at the Terminal, and return there after two stops along the way.

  • You’ll ‘Hop-Off’ the bus at the first stop – Eagle Point. The Skywalk is located at Eagle Point. After the bus is unloaded, the driver moves forward a short distance to load guests heading to the next stop.
  • You’ll ‘Hop-On’ another bus for the short ride to Guano Point, and finally, when you are finished exploring there, just ‘Hop-On’ the next bus, which will take you back to the Terminal.
  • The buses show up at each stop about every 12 minutes, more or less.
  • The time of each trip – that is, the travel time between each bus stop – is between about 6 and 8 minutes.
  • At the Terminal, if you are continuing on to the Hualapai Ranch, you’ll ‘Hop-Off’ the bus that came from Guano Point, and transfer to ‘the ranch bus’.
  • The Ranch Bus Loading Area is just in front of the primary shuttle loading area. Ask your driver or a Hualapai Ambassador – they will point you to the ranch bus.