Skywalk Grand Canyon Coaches and Bus Tours

Coach tours are by far the most affordable way to get to Grand Canyon West.

Bus tours are appropriate for all ages and family members, and this can ‘seal the deal’ for families traveling with small children or older adults.

Coaches typically have panoramic, over-sized windows so guests have great views. Comfortable seating and desert-ready air-conditioning is standard.

Las Vegas is in the Mohave Desert, and is centrally located near 5 National Parks, close enough to be convenient day-trips on buses from Las Vegas.

Skywalk is located at Grand Canyon West, on the tribal land of the Hualapai Nation. Grand Canyon Skywalk is not a national park.

Grand Canyon West has great scenic views, and because it is closer to Las Vegas than the national parks, it has become one of the most sought-after destinations for visitors to Vegas.

Grand Canyon West, and Skywalk, is only 125 miles from Las Vegas, and there is only one road that connects the two.

The road connecting Vegas to Grand Canyon crosses the Colorado River on the new Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.
Because Hoover Dam is only a mile or so off the main highway, a brief stop at Hoover Dam is included in most, maybe all, Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas.

Regarding Grand Canyon Bus Tours that stop Briefly at Hoover Dam:

  • Some of the bus tours stop on the Nevada side at the new Hoover Dam Bridge, and allow about 25 minutes for their guests to walk out on it. It takes about 20-minutes round-trip to walk from the parking lot, up the steps, and about half-way across the bridge for a truly spectacular view of Hoover Dam high above the Colorado River on the Nevada side.
  • Some of the bus tours drive over the original 2-lane road over Hoover Dam for a view of the dam and Lake Mead from the high lookout on the Arizona side.
  • The return trip to Las Vegas crosses the Hoover Dam bridge again. If you are seated on the right side of the bus, you will see Hoover Dam (briefly) with nearly the same perspective as if you walked on it.

Track your time so you don’t get left behind at any stop: Coaches run on a tight schedule and some will stick to it with or without their tour group accounted for so take a watch or time keeping device and get back to the bus before your scheduled departure.

Helicopter Upgrades are available: Coach tours often piggy-back with other kinds of tours so if you want to get there cheaply and spend your money on a helicopter ride to the bottom, that’s certainly possible.

Grand Canyon bus tours depart from Las Vegas regularly each day, which makes it easy to add the Grand Canyon to your Las Vegas holiday.

And tours on a luxury coach remove a lot of pressures from first-time visitors. Important details – such as where to stop, what are the best viewpoints, where do we have lunch – are part of the package.

Bus tours allow you to enjoy your Grand Canyon visit with the ability to concentrate on the world around you, and your primary responsibility is to be at the pick-up and return points on time.

For these, and other reasons, many visitors to Las Vegas choose this kind of tour rather than driving so as to maximize the benefit of their Grand Canyon Experience.

Recommended Las Vegas to Grand Canyon Bus Tours & Upgrades

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