Families and friends traveling together often want a tour with fewer people. We’ll show you two of our favorite southwest providers for small group tours to Skywalk and Grand Canyon West.

Bus tours from Las Vegas to the Skywalk Grand Canyon are cost-effective and efficient. Not all coach tours are the same… here are two companies with good reputations…

You and your family may prefer a more personal tour experience with an experienced guide. We’ll tell you who we recommend – and why like them – for private tours…

This is a perfect day trip from Las Vegas. Driving directions, travel tips, points of interest along the way. We highly recommend the drive-yourself tour… it gives you lots of flexibility and freedom.

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Drive Yourself

Air Tours

Several airlines fly to Grand Canyon West. They depart from Las Vegas or Boulder City Airport, a few miles from Las Vegas, and land at the Grand Canyon West airport.


There are helicopter upgrades available at Grand Canyon West, whether you fly or drive in. Some flights include a ride on a Colorado River pontoon boat!